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The noted writer Buck Henry died today. I got my hands on his agent's notes for his eulogy. 


In sure and certain hope of the resurrection to eternal life (ask Rabbi Jacobs tomorrow at lunch about whether or not you can have eternal life without resurrection??? otherwise this seems redundant) through our Lord Jesus Christ, we commend (maybe use recommend instead?) to Almighty God (I just know this is going to trigger all the Atheists in WGA/ DGA.... perhaps mention a Pagan god as well) our brother (did he self identify as a boy???What were his preferred pronouns? )  Buck Henry; and we commit (maybe use the word intern! ) his body to the ground; earth to earth (seems repetitive) ; ashes to ashes, dust to dust, mountains to hills, hills to small mounds, small mounds to little rocks, and then into smaller tiny ittsy bitzy little rocks.(probably should shorten this!) The Lord bless him, (bless him seems overly religious, delete this)  and keep him (I read in Teen Vogue that death was permanent???? have your assistant find out for certain) , the Lord make his face to shine upon him (who are you referring to...Lord or the dead guy?)  and be gracious unto him and give him peace. (should really mention our agency and Netflix management somewhere in this! ) Amen.
 .... Eulogy notes vs. #19 

This is not the Christmas I remember

Christmas is upon us. And all the shopping malls are decorated with bright, lively strings of lights and aged Christmas bulbs. These antiquated relics brought out of storage for the sole purpose of selling more Chinese made tennis shoes, overpriced cosmetics, and knock-off sunglasses made in miserable little, life sucking factories scattered across Asia. It's Christmas, and a person can't walk unmolested down the isles of any shopping Mecca, without their senses being bombarded by Muzak renditions of royalty free Christmas tunes who have been so adulterated by design to be indistinguishable from their original melodies.

If a person has grown up in America, that they are use to this. Every city in the nation has its own version of the plasticized hyperbole that accompanies the BUY SHIT AMERICA winter shopping season. But I am not in the US, but in the tropical paradise that is Johor Bahru, Malaysia. It is the southern most tip of Malaysia, right across the straights from Singapore. And while Malaysia has a long and deeply rooted history with Islam, its global elite citizens have infected every shopping mall, large retail store and home shopping network in this country with their BUY SHIT AMERICA ideology.

As I walked past Santa's Village, I saw a Muslim mother taking pictures of her smiling son sitting in an oversized bear. And only a few feet away, a very tall and obviously western Santa, was sitting lone in his chair, without a single child waiting in line for free photos with him. The children and their parents were oblivious to the fact that this BUY SHIT holiday they now immersed themselves in was based on this jolly old fellow. And while purists among you will shout out, “No it's based on the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ” you will all be wrong.

Christmas, THE CHRISTMAS, of decorated trees with brightly decorated gifts and stockings above the fireplace is not, and has never been about Jesus Christ. The BUY SHIT AMERICA holiday is no more about Jesus, than the majority of traffic fines issued in America are about public safety.

I walk by a Famous Amos cookie stand that sits in the middle of this Malaysian mall, and remember back when I went into Wally Amos's first cookie store down on Sunset boulevard back in 1976. His first store was not much bigger than this mall stand, and operated on the very same principle of BUY SHIT!

Corporations, companies, manufactures business owners are no longer content with simply surviving in their particular market channel. There is an unspoken rule of big business that if you're company isn't growing, it isn't viable. Simply paying your bills with a little something left over, giving your employees a safe place to work and earn a living wage, and providing a decent product or service for your customers was the standard for centuries. But now, in the twenty-first century it is considered a death knell for businesses anywhere in the world. If, like Wally Amos, making a living with one store is successful, then two stores will be grand, and three stores will be even greater.

And it is this drive that has forced the BUY SHIT holiday down the throats of every country and culture in the world.

I sit at Starbucks watching two Indian-Malaysian girls wrap the toys a father has bought for his children. Before giving the last toy to the young woman, he inspects the toy firetruck one last time. He pushes one of its buttons and I can hear its electronic siren from where I sit. They both smile as he hands it to her for wrapping.

And while this is not the solemn time I remember in my childhood spent in church on Christmas-eve, it is the Christmas that this Muslim man and his children will remember. And their memories of it and the small red fire truck he gave his son, with its nasty annoying siren will be just as valid.


Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. 


In gratitude

Dear All

Before I leave for the holidays I wanted to yell out to the world, about how grateful I am for my life. 

I am grateful to the many people who have helped me this last year to get the word out about pitfalls of gender dysphoria

I am grateful to my friends who have sat patiently while I stood on my soapbox screaming at the injustices of the world. 

I am grateful to the few friends that have come through financially for me, without asking them, when I couldn't make ends meet. 

I am grateful for being clean and sober again this year, which in turn, has helped me keep a clear mind and steady emotions to deal with life. 

I am grateful having the cloud taken away from my eyes and allowed me to see that I was never a girl trapped in a boy's body, but a man who was badly hurt in childhood. 

I am grateful for my Catholic teachings, my Jewish teachings, my Science of Mind teachings, my Muslim teachings and the School of Hard Knocks teachings. 

I am grateful for the love of two small dogs, Dotty and Nella Bean, who teach me every day that love is endless, selfless and smells of dog food. 

I am grateful for the last remaining portions of my eye sight, for every second I am still able to see the amazing world around me. 

I am grateful, always grateful for the few friends I have, who still take my calls, worry about me and cry when they know I'm struggling. I could not face this big world without you all. 

I am grateful I have one more day to try to do better, live in greater terms, express myself better, and help others as much as I can. 

I am grateful. 

You'al take care and have a great Turkey day. Christmas, and Channuka, 


Yesterday I had an unusual encounter with a young Millennial male while attempting to pay for my groceries at a local store. The man appeared to be in his early twenties and standing at only 5.5 feet in height did not pose much of a barrier to my paying him for my milk and bread. He was standing dutifully in front of the cash register waiting for me to transverse the twenty feet separating us, when he suddenly reached up to his hair and removing a hair tie, let his shinning locks drift down past his shoulders. Retrieving a brush from under the counter, he began combing his shoulder length hair in slow motion, as if in a hair commercial. Then, flipping his head downwards, brushed his hair into a pony tail and wrapped it tightly upon his head in a man bun.

His grooming regimen had made me stop my advance toward the check out line in mid-step as I watched his precision steps to make himself as attractive as possible, for a checkout clerk. As any civilized person will tell you, scanning a cheap loaf of mass produced white bread is only made better with the perfect man bun.

I finally was able to overcome my shock and amazement, I cleared the remaining distance between us and began placing my food on the conveyor belt. When I stood directly across from him, I noticed he was wearing earrings in both ears, had his nails painted brightly, and even had a hint of mascara on his eye lashes.

Now, given my own personal history as a man, who has been cross dressing for over forty years, one would think, I of all people would support another man's desire to dress as what is most decidedly effeminately. But I don't. I see this intentional blurring of male and female roles, attire and costuming as inherently going against what we as a biological species are. Encouraging and supporting males who dress and act like women (and vice versa) may be completely in line with the uber liberal viewpoint of what a diverse culture looks like, but it fails to take into account how a million years of human hard-wiring actually works.

And while this soy-boy man-bun cashier may be all the rage of his Millennial Antifa, anti conservative, anti America peer group, I would not expect, I could not expect him to stand up against our nation's enemies during a time of crisis. If during a real outbreak of war with China, or Russia, I would expect half-blind, incontinent seniors from nursing homes to volunteer to protect the realm, long before we would ever see this young soy-boy man-bun, lace up his boots, load his AR, and kiss his butch non-binary “ZER” lover goodbye to go and fight for our nation.

And his is not the first generation in human history to have trans-versed far from what being a “real” man in society is considered. The seventeenth century Japanese samurai Hagakure complained in his writing that young men of the period were becoming soft and more feminine then the women. And he rightfully blamed this growing trend of male effeminization on how rich and peaceful Japanese culture became after the great wars of the late 1600s.

Even earlier, another great military general and politician, Rome's Julius Caesar identified how civilization and material goods weakened and pacified men.

 “All Gaul is divided into three parts, one of which the Belgae inhabit, the Aquitani another, those who in their own language are called Celts, in our Gauls, the third. All these differ from each other in language, customs and laws. The river Garonne separates the Gauls from the Aquitani; the Marne and the Seine separate them from the Belgae. Of all these, the Belgae are the bravest, because they are furthest from the civilization and refinement of [our] Province, and merchants least frequently resort to them, and import those things which tend to effeminate the mind; and they are the nearest to the Germans, who dwell beyond the Rhine, with whom they are continually waging war; for which reason the Helvetii also surpass the rest of the Gauls in valor, as they contend with the Germans in almost daily battles, when they either repel them from their own territories,or themselves wage war on their frontiers. “

In one of Jordan Peterson's lectures he compares humans to sled dogs. He said "that sled dogs are bred to be under load, and we humans need to be under load as well".

For millions of years humans have had to struggle to eat, to drink, to have shelter, and to survive. This is the core of our species motivation so that our efforts to breed and exist as a species lives on. We are not designed to sit around our shelters all day and amuse ourselves with video porn, microwaveable burritos, and void of all responsibility for our own survival and safety.

Our parents and grandparents fought in brutal and devastating wars, and struggled to find food and work during the great depression and two world wars. The current generation of Millennials know only consumer abundance and affluence.

Not surprisingly then is the fact that most of the parents of Gender Dysphoric kids  I speak with each week, refuse to make any demands of their GD kids. Asking their child to take out the garbage or clean the kitchen is too risky for the parents, since it always causes a fight when the child refuses. And if there is a common theme in all households of GD kids, it is that the parents have worked very hard to make life easier for their children, a life they themselves did not have when growing up.

So it is that the very thing we strive for, is the thing that is killing our families and undermining our society. Peace, a world without war or strife, and abundant food and resources has become the double edged sword that threatens to destroy us. And don't think this is about soy-boy having a man bun. This is about the fact that in a world with seven billion people, and six billion of them are starving and are willing to go to war just for food and resources. They are a direct threat to those who are sitting around all night with their internet porn, while brushing their long and shinning hair.

While luxury, comfort and Macy's credit cards may have weakened many of the males in western societies, yet few people South of Phoenix and East of Miami have enough food to eat, or money for housing and or electricity. The majority of the world's population will steal and kill for food. It is the ultimate irony of the Universe, that what their tribes would be willing to go to war for... stable food, riches and abundance, is actually the one thing that will eventually destroy their own culture and people.

There should be a mandatory warning on every country's currency. “WARNING, COMFORT FOR ITS OWN SAKE CAN DESTROY YOU”

So please, continue brushing your long hair, and shaving your non binary, non gender conforming FTM Testosterone little beards, while you wait for those that are under no delusion as to what the reality of the world actually is, and will happily destroy your personal delusion of safety and security for you. 

Who is in charge of your family?

Dear Mom, my heart hurts for you. But I can't tell you the number of other families who have told me the same story over and over. Now, everyone knows I'm not a doctor, or PhD, but I know manipulation when I see it. And so many of these teenagers are leveraging their gender confusion as a weapon to control their parents and take on the power role in the family. 

There comes a period where every young person believes their thoughts and feelings are more important than any other consideration. And it is usually right after their hormones kick in. It's during this time that what they want, conflicts with what their parents want / need them to do. They want to stay up late playing video games, the parents want them to be in bed by midnight and do chores the following day, And there are a thousand versions of this. 

It is during this new hormone raging time that the kids discomfort with their bodies and about being shy and not well-liked at school kicks in. But with GD being promoted by the schools and LGBT doctors and social boards, these suffering children are railroaded into the firm belief they are trapped in the wrong body. 

And God help any parents who stands in the way of them getting what they want. GD kids can now bludgeon the parents into submission by threatening the family with suicide, transphobia, child abuse and even legal action, if the GD kid doesn't get their way. 

All you parents think about this for a moment. What other medical condition, mental state of mind, or other problem in puberty,... in the history of human kind, allows and supports the child to rule the entire family and demand that the kid gets what they want? I can't think of anything, any case, any situation ever recorded where this takes place. 

This ability of GD children to rule the parents, emotionally and legally is a sea change, a complete game changer in family dynamics and structure. 

And in my hard ass, post operative transsexual opinion, it can't be allowed to take place. To allow emotionally and intellectually immature children to blackmail their parents with threats of self harm, suicide, removal of parental rights,  police and legal action puts their children in charge of the family and family decisions. This is Lord of the Flies on a steroids. 

But for those of you who are in this situation, I know how brutal the constant, day in and day out struggle for parental dominance is with children who are fixated on getting their needs/wants met. Whether it is a boy wanting a parent to buy him a video game, or a girl wanting to go out and meet her friends on a school night, it can be like being locked in a boxing ring 24/7 with Mohammed Ali .

 And whether their demands are for a Xbox console, or to get Testosterone shots, it is in these constant confrontations and arguments where a parent's understanding of what is right, moral, and best for the child's health and long term happiness must take precedence over the child's current needs, wants and blackmail demands. And it is here, on this battle field of family interaction that parents must rise to the occasion and embrace the full responsibility that is parenting, that is being an adult. You must do it, not only for your own sanity, but for the child who stands on the abyss of permanently damaging their bodies and future with these irrevocable procedures. 

These kids are not trapped in the wrong body. They are addicted to the emotional support they get from the technology (smart phones) applications, and LGBT support they get in their schools and peers over their body dysmorphia. 

Personally I don't want or need your admiration. I want only for these new GD kids from going down this wretched, horrible path that I did.

And all parents and family members dealing with this must stand up against this epidemic of medical and social malpractice. It's too late in this game to go have your nails done, times running out. 

So, Who is in charge of your family?

4th Wave response to Carry Callahan's article

I personally don’t believe that parents, the very same parents that created the family environment that created the conditions which led to their children being confused about their bodies and roles, can turn the tide,  and magically create an environment that undoes the emotion damage already done to their children. I just don’t see this happening. Many of the author’s suggestions make no mention of the parent’s own culpability in their kids emotion problems,

The author states:

. "An unconditionally loving relationship demonstrated by you giving them feedback that is intentionally overwhelmingly positive."
Q. How is the possible for contemporary parents, who are self-absorbed, who never took time to interact with their kids, or are divorced, and let smart phones, and play stations raise their own children.. suppose to change stripes and become this new loving and attentive parent?

“Oh, I love you darling and want only the best for you” as the author suggest parents say, are, at the end of the day just words. These GD kids are emotional wrecks, and are running toward a cliff because it offers them a silver bullet at ending their emotional pain. Words are cheap Carry.

2. ….”and lots of offering them your reflective listening skills”
Q. Really? most western kids stop listening and talking to their parents at age ten. They then get their support on Reddit and the various social boards. By the time GD becomes problematic for the chid, the parents have lost their kid to the addictive quality of the internet and school pro-gender ideology.

Warm fuzzy "1980 group therapy hugs" don’t work with 2019 gender dysphoria addicted patients.

These GD young people are addicted to the support they get online and to the idea that the pills and surgery will cure their personal confusion. Their schools, internet and their social groups promote this.

Here is my personal experience to get our kids over this disease.

1. Remove the source of the contagion. Take away their smart phones and internet. Prohibit them from going online unless you are present looking over their shoulders.
2. Remove them from their pro-transgender school.
3. Start acting like a parent of a child, and instead of a spoiled teenager who has been saddled with a child. No more “me time, mother’s time having her nails done, dad’s time at the gym” and actually start interacting with your kids at dinner. The other night,  I saw an entire family of five at dinner, and they didn’t speak a word to one another. all of them on their phones playing games, shopping and surfing.
4. “get SERIOUS about your self-care… You have to take up running, yoga, meditation, prayer, Xanax- whatever can chill out”     This is what helped cause this. You’re a parent for F***** sake, cowboy up and stop thinking child rearing is an elective class in High School that it doesn’t matter if you put in the time or not to pass. Your focus on your needs/your feelings/ your space/ your quality time... is what helped to cause your d

Over 550 couples with GD kids have reached out to me over the last two years, and many follow Carry’s type of advice. And none of their children have de transitioned. NONE.
Only those parents who step up to the plate, act like adults, and take control of their children’s lives and social media have reported their children have backed off from GD thinking.

Good luck to you all

Rene Jax

The Progressive Left is losing their minds

Dear All

It is with a heavy heart that I must report that collectively those on the far left have lost their minds over the fact that there still remain people who don't believe in their plans for a LGBT socialist utopia. 

Here in the United States this condition is called Trump Derangement Syndrome, but in the UK their equivalent is called Brexit Triggered Psychosis. 

The British Medical Journal has just reported that a 40 year old Brit was admitted to the hospital  in “an acute psychotic state”

Dr Mohammad Zia Ul Haq Katshu, who treated the man, stated “His mental health had deteriorated rapidly following the announcement of the results, with significant concerns about Brexit.

The patient presented as agitated, confused and thought disordered. He had auditory hallucinations, and paranoid, referential, mis-identification and bizarre delusions.”

Doctors diagnosed him with schizophrenia-like Acute and Transient Psychotic Disorder (ATPD)

Further details in the report reveal that the patient “found it difficult to reconcile with the political events happening around him”. He also spent more and more of his time on social media sharing his thoughts. He was then said to have become “increasingly worried about racial incidents”, lost sleep, demonstrated paranoia, and “became increasingly agitated at home and started throwing items around, 

At another point in his treatment, “he was agitated, perplexed and confused, attempting to dig the floor with his hands to ‘burrow’ through the floor to ‘get the hell out of this place’”

     Now if you read my book 56 Sanchez, you will know that my own mother suffered from mental illness. And I certain sympathize with those people on the left who have been suffering from these terrible problems.

As a matter of fact, I just had a once-popular artist from New Mexico lose his mind over a little video I posted on my Youtube channel. The video is about my fears for our country, and in it I beg everyone, Right and Left to back off from the rhetoric. Yet, this guy called me a Nazi, a terrorist, an old person that needs to die and his psychotic hysterics went on for several emails.

And while I"m reading his triggered comments, all I could think of was the many lost souls back in the mental institute where my mother was incarcerated, who, tied to their beds would scream and yell at the walls while thrashing about, trying to exorcise their own personal demons. 

It does not matter whether their anxiety comes from their deed rooted fears about Brexit or the current President of the United States or from clowns jumping out of their closet at night, to those suffering from Acute and Transient Psychotic Disorder (ATPD) their feelings are very real to them. 

And as decent, humane people it is up to the rest of us, to support these progressive leftists in any way we can, even if that support is our having to listen to their tirades and outbursts. I encourage each of you to do your part to help combat this mental illness. 


Rene Jax 

Response to Slowly boiled frog attack on Walt Heyer


Sorry dude, but both the AMA and APA believe in Affirming a patient's gender, and not challenging it. So even after two years of affirming therapy, people are running off to cut off parts of their body. So here is my question to you'all. If doctors who are well trained, and see GD patients every day of their lives are mis diagnosing them, Don't you think think that GD people are also getting their own self diagnosis and identity wrong???

Forget your obvious hatred of Heyer for a second and think instead of the thousands of young people who are suffering from low self esteem, depression, social isolation, failed families and narcissistic parents that just let Xbox and smart phones raise their kids.

Don't these young people deserve a chance at going through life with all of their sex organs? Don't they deserve to be able to have bodies that don't depend upon hormones and doctor visits the rest of their entire lives due to these treatments? 

Heyer is at the end of his life, but these young people are all at the beginning of theirs and deserve as much latitude to express and explore what being human is, without being rushed and herded into a lifetime of medical surgeries and pills at the age of 4.

Don't our youth deserve a little breathing room to allow them to play around with gender roles, to cross dress and explore what being a man or woman is, first, before you scurry them off to a gender clinic and the long road to chemical and surgical castration and sterilization?

Don't they?


What is love, a response to a GD person

Dear B. 

I am happy to respond, and to have a conversation about this. 
Love is wonderful, n'est-ce pas? Isn't it?? Being loved, being held when one is tired is a blessing. Coming home to someone that loves you and the first thing they as is "How was your day?" though very common and almost invisible that we don't think about it, but we then ramble on about meaningless things and conversations about work, about the traffic, or about the neighbor who parked their car badly, we forget that there is a person who is in our front room, that actually cares enough to ask us about our lives. 
One type of love or another is not limited to one sex or the other. Men can be as caring and nurturing as a woman, and women can be as stoic and unflinching in their love as a man. Long before I ever started living as a woman, I wanted the kind of nurturing and caring for that I thought only women got from men. I wanted to be held when I was tired, and afraid. I was so emotionally damaged as a child, that I wanted to be held like a sparrow in the palm of their hand so as to be protected from the rough winds of life. I was so desperate for this type of caring and nurturing that I knew, or thought I knew that as a man I would never receive it. So I imagined that if I were to be a woman, I would find a man to take care of me like that. 
And after years of longing for this love, and running away from being a man, I began to live as a woman. And because I was such a novelty, people of every sort and kind would have sex with me. And I welcomed every one of them, all the while looking for that sense of being cared for. Eventually I was so busy having sex that I quickly forgot why I was being intimate with all of these people. One day I woke up in a relationship with a woman I didn't like, but who financially supported me. Because as a transgender, I had a hard time getting and keeping jobs. And I had sex with her, and put up with her nagging, and resentment because I needed her money and I thought I loved her. It was in this relationship that I learned that if I needed another person to fill me up, to make me whole, is not love,  it is dependency. 
It was not until I met a woman named Fallon, that things began to change for me. After having sex with over 400 people, I think I fell in love with Fallon the moment I first lay eyes on her. And I believe that she did the same. In that moment we both found our soulmate. 
As our relationship grew, I found I didn't care how she loved me, only that she did love me. And the more time I spent with Fallon, the less I paid attention to the other woman, and it quickly broke off. Fallon and I lived together for four years, and everything I thought about love previously was proven wrong. As our relationship matured, our love was about finding jobs and having the money for us to pay the rent. Love was about buying silly little pin wheels for her to put in our yard. Love was about doing nondescript little things for her, because they would make her laugh. When I was finally in a relationship, I found that love turned into a commitment to the other person's well being. Love then became about making the decision to spend quite time with Fallon. Love became an effort to communicate and be civil when we were both so very tired from life. Love became a commitment to work through issues rather than abandon the effort and find another, less troublesome person.
Love transformed itself from my needs to be nurtured, into something as simple as her words, "how was your day?" And I knew I was home, I was safe, and that I could do it all again the next day and the next. 
Fallon and I broke up in 1989, and after some difficult times, became friends again. I spoke to her just this morning. She is married to a very good man for the last 24 years and has a son with him. When she texts me to ask, "are you okay?" I know that I am loved, nurtured and cared for.
And I"m strong enough emotionally now that I don't think I need a person to hold me in the palm of their hand like a sparrow.  
Because of Fallon loving me for the last 34 years, I learned that love is blind to sex and gender and it's up to me to fill that deep void inside of myself that is "dying" for love and acceptance.  
Dr. Kennedy Schultz of the Florida Religious Science Church said this: 
We are never loved as much as we want to be loved. 
And we never love another as much as they want to us to love them. 
But we love, as much as we can love, in this moment, on this day. 
So my friend, go out and learn what real love is. Good luck. Rene 

El Paso and Ohio mass shootings

Again today we hear of yet another madman going into an American public space and killing people for no apparent reason. Today's mass shooting is so similar to yesterday's and the one the day before and the day before that, I can't keep one event separate from the other. With each new attack, the victims, the locations, the crying parents and families all bleed into one another as if one collective account of madness and mayhem.

Guns have been around since the twelfth century. And after eight hundred years of people owning guns, there is no putting that Genie back in that bottle at this late stage in time. America has more than enough laws governing gun ownership and legal uses for them. But what we don't have is any laws that protect us from the lack of morality and personal responsibility that comes with progressive third wave feminist upbringing. What we don't have is any laws that protect us from the millions of lost, angry and delusional children that grow up with liberal parents or worst yet, a single mother who made the wrong choice to marry a man that she didn't like in the first place.

These shooters act are so repulsive and so foreign to me, that after I saw the news footage of the Walmart attack I wanted to leave this cursed country and culture and never come back. We have to ask ourselves why would any person go into a public place and randomly and in cold blood murder so many people. What personal insult and attack did any of these young mass killers receive from the cold heart-ed world or person that it inflicted such a wound that warranted such a reprisal?

And the answer I believe is none!

Nothing justifies these mass killings, no hurt, no insult or rejection justifies walking around a shopping mall or store, church or office and killing people unlucky enough to be in your cross hairs at that time and place.

Yet they are taking place now with greater and greater frequency, and all the politicians, the talking head pundits, or the retired law enforcement officials on TV and in the world can't find the answer as to why, or solution to stop this carnage.

Many of you who follow me know I speak of the Hydra. The mythical beast with nine fire breathing heads. These killers represent just one head of our modern day Hydra. The failed family is the body of this beast, and angry young men and women who go on these killing sprees are just one of it's horrible and terrifying heads. Drug abuse and its debilitating effects and resulting fifty thousand deaths a year with over seventeen million addicts in the country are another. Another head of this demon from hell is the intentional destruction and attacks on the church and the morality and its rejection of abnormality and perversion for the last two thousand years.

Of course we can't forget the Hydra's head of all those young people growing up self-indulgent spoiling parents who tolerate an anything goes attitude with their children. They do this in the name of not having to be the adult in the relationship by forcing them to say NO to their children. Because saying NO...they can't dye their hair at eight, or NO they pierce their ears and nipples at ten, or NO they can't get a tattoo at twelve because doing so will cause an argument, and these children-parents would rather grant their own children every wish and caprice than deal with the rejection and bitter arguments that come from dealing with their spoiled child.

And if those heads weren't enough to keep any Superhero busy, one head is young children being sexualized and groomed by new wave pedophiles. And as we look deeper onto the body of the Hydra we see the self destruction of contemporary Narcissism rearing its ugly head. Narcissism is systemic in our youth, who have been taught from childhood that their and only their needs matter.

Then the head of Pride shows its vicious head. Self Pride is so rampant in Western society that everywhere from families, and colleges to every public school and venue, Pride rears its head and refuses to allow others free speech, contrary opinions or viewpoints.

The only possible way to stop these killings, stop thousands of children from having sex changes, to stop the drug addiction and drugs deaths, or to stop pedophiles from abusing our young children; and that is for all of us to slay the beast that is the Hydra.

This starts by taking control of your families from the sick and twisted societies that you live in. You must take them out of their dysfunctional schools, away from the internet and smart phones. You must remove your child from the immorality of contemporary society and both you and the child learn how to be self disciplined and moral again.

I am not a Luddite. I don't believe in destroying machinery for the sake of destruction.

I am a simple, and pragmatic person that is torn apart when I see such villainy like today's shooting. And what I see is that when kids go into stores and kill people for no reason, something in their family is seriously broken, and in our society that is very very broken. The frequency and commonality of these killings has a root cause that none of our politicians want to address. Removing the weapon they used in the event won't stop the emotional and environmental conditions that are causing these killings. But if enough people step back from what is broken and begin to repair their own lives, then there will be fewer and fewer events like this.


Rene Jax, copyright 2019    

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